APB have an in-house team who specialize in the undertaking of steelwork repairs as well as the fabrication and installation of structural steelwork.

Many contracts undertaken by APB have utilized the in-house steel fabricators to produce and install on site all aspects of steelwork repairs. APB work alongside a number of grit blast and paint contractors to undertake the steelwork repairs to a bridge structure following the steelwork preparation.

Once cleaned steelwork repairs can be measured up by our steelwork fabricators and new structural steelwork repairs can be produced in house and installed on site. In order to install the new steelwork existing rivets or bolts are removed and the new steelwork repair is put in place. These are then secured by the placement of new bolts to hold the plates in place and return the steelwork structure to its former strength.

APB perform both live and non-live structural steelwork repairs for the railways, working with other contractors on planned repairs, maintenance and installation of new structural steelwork elements.

All aspects of steelwork repairs are undertaken to structures including steelwork, cast iron and stainless-steel elements.

APB have also undertaken the fabrication of new structural steelwork elements. Including work undertaken at a household waste recycling center to create a new steelwork walkway to allow the public to access the waste skips. Structural steelwork drawings were produced and the steelwork was fabricated in house before eventually being taken to site and installed by APBs steelworkers.

Using APBs in house steelwork fabricators it has been possible for us to design and fabricate the required steelwork to overcome a temporary works design issue. Whilst undertaking works to a bridge replacement over a river the temporary dam overflowed and failed meaning that an alternative solution needed to be found to allow the new concrete abutments to be poured prior to a Christmas blockade. A design was produced and steelwork was fabricated to allow the installation of a temporary sheet pile dam that allowed the pumping out of water from behind and the structural concrete to be poured.

Our Latest Projects

Our range of capabilities has allowed us to deliver civil engineering and construction projects for local government bodies and large private clients across the UK since 1986.