APB Group have extensive experience of undertaking Brick, masonry and concrete repairs.

APB has many years of experience in concrete repairs, using a range of technique and materials. These works include the removal and breaking out of a defective concrete area and the use of a proprietary cementitious mortar or concrete is applied to reinstate a structural member.

Our skilled labour force has experience performing repairs to both railway and highway bridge structures. Concrete repairs are independently inspected and verified and we are able to work to Network Rail standards. Concrete repair techniques have also been used to replicate stone and masony surfaces where these have deteriorated and have required repairs.

APB perform both planned concrete repairs and in some cases emergency repairs, always undertaking the concrete repairs with strict adherence to the manufacturer’s standards.

APB also undertake brickwork and masonry repairs to structures both in a railway and highway environments as well as to retaining walls and canal structures. Our skilled operatives undertake the strengthening, restoration or repair of brick and masonry structures using a variety of techniques including the use of stainless steel ties together with crack stitching or reconstruction.

Our skilled teams can tackle most projects requiring brickwork or masonry repairs:

  • Re-casing and localized rebuilding
  • Repointing- hand applied and pressure pointing
  • Crack stitching
  • Pressure grouting
  • Brickwork replacement
  • Crack repairs
  • Remedial wall ties

APB undertake brickwork repairs in tunnels during possessions over weekends and mid-week nights. Brickwork replacement to the arch intrados are undertaken and temporary works put in place to secure the brickwork in place until the next available opportunity to continue with the repairs.

When undertaking brickwork repairs to structures such as Peover Viaduct, badly deteriorating brickwork is recased to pier faces, arch soffits and spandrel walls using bricks selected to match existing and approved by English Heritage. All larger repairs were carried out by sequentially breaking out and repairing on a hit and miss basis to ensure the viaducts structural integrity is maintained.

Our Latest Projects

Our range of capabilities has allowed us to deliver civil engineering and construction projects for local government bodies and large private clients across the UK since 1986.