Occupation Bridge Replacement, UB7, Stafford

The occupation bridge UB7 carries a single farmer’s track over the Stafford-Manchester line.

The original construction material used for the bridge superstructure was a wrought-iron bridge deck supported by brick jack arches. The wrought-iron superstructure had been raised off the original cill units in the early ’90s to allow for an electrification project. In recent years the structural integrity had deteriorated to such a poor condition where urgent replacement was required.

Occupation Bridge Replacement Project Details

DESCRIPTION Stafford UB7 LEC7 Rail Bridge

LOCATION Staffordshire

CLIENT Story Contracting

VALUE £750,000



The Requirement

Dilapidated Occupation Bridge Replacement

We were approached by Story Contracting due to our close working relationship and reputation for completing similar complex schemes under such severe time constraints. Our experience of using a 1000 tonne crane to remove the original superstructure was also a notable advantage for the client.

The Solution

Prestressed Concrete Beam Bridge Installation

We were asked to provide proposals for the temporary works to both release the original wrought-iron bridge structure from the abutments and ensure stability during removal. This proved to be a more complex process than usual due to the previous works carried out to raise the cill units in the 90s.

Works Carried Out

  • Removal of the dilapidated wrought-iron occupation bridge superstructure.
  • Preparation of new cill units on the existing abutments to seat replacement prestressed concrete beam bridge.
  • Installation of prestressed concrete bridge deck beams.
  • Installation of HRA high containment parapets.
  • Masonry repairs to all P1/P2 defects, including stitching and grouting cracks, re-pointing and replacement of brickwork.

The Results

From site establishment, APB was afforded only five weeks to install all temporary works including a crane pad consisting of 7000t of stone and corresponding access prior to the Christmas Outside Rules Of Route (OROR) blockade.

All works were completed on schedule and the prestressed concrete bridge was returned to full use by the farmer in April 2021.