APB have extensive experience in undertaking all aspects of drainage, culvert works, ducting and confined spaces, and have a wealth of knowledge within the in-house team.

APB have undertaken all aspects of drainage installation from new storm and foul water drainage, installation of new manhole and sewerage chambers, tie in to existing drainage and repairs to old drainage runs.

At a recent project APB undertook the installation of a new drainage system to a train maintenance depot. Works here included New manholes and drainage runs for both Foul and storm water systems. Installation of attenuation tanks and interceptor tanks, as well as tying into existing drainage systems.

In order to take surface water to an out-fall work included excavating down the highway during road closures and installing a flap valve at the point of discharge into a culvert. APB street works operatives and supervisors ensured that these works were undertaken to the required guidelines and that the highways were reinstated to the correct standard.

Following the installation of the new drainage water tests and air tests were undertaken to the drainage runs to ensure they were fit for purpose.

APB are experienced and reliable drainage contractors installing drainage and ducting to required levels to ensure that the necessary fall is achieved on each section of drainage so that the water flows in the required direction. All aspects of drainage works are undertaken including pre earthworks drainage, carriageway drainage, gully installation, ducting and all associated civil works including ditchworks, culverts, headwall construction and installation to outfalls.

APB have also worked on the prestigious Birmingham Gateway project where we undertook refurbishment of the station platforms. This included drainage works as well as running a large amount of ducting to carry new communications and power supplies. Ducting was installed to required depths and lines and all tied in with both existing ducting chambers as well as the installation of new ducting chambers.

Whilst on the project APB were asked to supply confined space operatives to undertake works underneath the platform. APBs in house team of confined space operatives as well as confined space rescue team were put in place to ensure the safety of the operatives while working in confined spaces adjacent to a live and functioning railway. Aspects of repairs and installation of new blockwork were undertaken to enclose parts of the under-platform shafts and culverts and to eventually infill and remove the voids present under the platform.

APB have undertaken various aspects of culvert works over their years working within the civil engineering industry. Aspects of culvert works undertaken include setting up temporary dams to dry out the culvert while over pumping the water through the culvert or around the culvert to enable works to be undertaken within a dry environment.

De silting and cleaning of the culvert enables the culvert to return to its designed capacity, as well as further investigation into any repairs that may need to be undertaken.

Lining of culverts and undertaking concrete or brickwork repairs to the liner in order to return the culvert to its full structural integrity or spray concrete lining of a culvert to increase the structural integrity of a culvert.

Through the use of APBs in house confined space teams all culverts can be entered and work undertaken safely.

Our Latest Projects

Our range of capabilities has allowed us to deliver civil engineering and construction projects for local government bodies and large private clients across the UK since 1986.