APB Group have extensive experience carrying out Site Investigation and Ground Investigation with their staff trained in PTS & CSCS using the following techniques: –

Windowless Sampling and Dynamic Probe Testing

Windowless sampling is carried out by either track mounted percussive samplers, 65kg drop weight rigs or hand held hydraulic percussive samplers. Samples are retrieved in seamless plastic tubes for logging by a suitably qualified engineer. Windowless sampling is suited to restricted access sites, contamination investigations, and where disturbance must be kept to a minimum. The drop weight rig is also capable of carrying out dynamic probe testing and providing SPT results.

Key Features:

  • SPT Tests.
  • Various size casings available.
  • Can access almost any site particularly remote locations on the railway.

Geotechnical Investigation Using Cable Percussive Boreholes

In-situ testing techniques including Standard Penetration Testing (SPT), Permeability Testing, Borehole Vane Testing and Packer Testing can all be carried out in the boreholes in order to allow our engineers to provide information for geotechnical design. Disturbed and undisturbed samples are retrieved from the boreholes for inspection and logging by engineers and subsequent testing at the laboratories. Instrumentation can be installed in the boreholes.

Key Features:

  • Various size casings available (150mm-250mm).
  • A cost-effective way of traditional drilling.

Geotechnical Investigation Using Rotary Boreholes

Rotary drilling techniques are employed where boreholes are required into very dense gravel or bedrock. Samples of bedrock can be recovered in seamless plastic tubes if required for subsequent logging by a suitably qualified engineer and for laboratory testing. Most of our rotary coring work relies on the use of our drilling rigs. The rigs are suitable for limited access works.

Key Features:

  • Flight Augers- various sizes from 100mm to 200mm diameter.
  • Rotary Core Drill and case sizes from 76mm to 150mm diameter.
  • Rotary core sample from 76mm to 131mm diameter.
  • Variable head and constant head permeability testing.
  • Borehole Vane testing.
  • Core Orientation.
  • DTH from 78mm to 300mm diameter.

Geotechnical Consultancy for Site & Geotechnical Investigation

The company`s well qualified staff are available for geotechnical consultancy work.

The majority of reports prepared by the company are both factual and interpretive; they not only give a factual account of the conditions encountered but also interpret those conditions to provide parameters to enable the proposed works to be designed.

Trial Pitting for Geotechnical Investigation

Trial pitting can be carried out by a variety of methods from hand dug pits to machine excavated trenches. Trial pitting is generally carried out to a maximum depth of 4.5m with standard excavation plant and, depending on soil conditions, is generally suitable for most low-rise developments. All trial pit investigations are supervised by experienced engineers with a thorough understanding of geology and soil mechanics.

Additional testing in trial pits can include soak away testing, CBR testing and in-situ strength testing.

Core Drilling Geotechnical Investigation

APB Group have 15 years experience in core drilling from 32mm-600mm. We have completed this work for both investigation purposes and to enable the construction of permanent works. Permanent work also includes concrete diamond sawing and wire cutting.

Geotechnical Engineering

Following on from the SI & GI investigation works APB Group are well placed to carry out any geotechnical engineering required at the site.

From the installation of bored, mini or micro piles, ground anchors, soil nails, retaining walls, rock bolts and rock fall protection netting, APB Group offer a one stop solution to your ground engineering projects.

At Bleamoor Cutting, APB Group installed 200 stainless steel rock bolts and 1500m2 of rockfall netting in a 2 week blockade.

At DJH line improvements, APB installed 300 soil nails 12m long over 3 sites using road rail equipment in 5 hour railway possessions.

At New Mills Retaining Wall APB Group installed 7m long rock anchors to stabilize a 60m section of wall working up to 15m above the railway tracks.

At Coombe Road Underbridge APB Group installed 16 no 450mm dia CFA piles with concrete thrust blocks on top. 10m long stainless steel stitching bars were installed to the abutments and 13m long tie bars were installed to connect thrust blocks to abutments. Grundomat piles were also installed as foundation to 45 tonne Service Bridge.

Many of these projects have been carried out in closures or possessions and with a variety of additional constraints to overcome.

APB are able to offer a one stop shop to investigate, design, and to install new geotechnical engineering and can advise clients and asset owners about the most suitable approach to individual projects dependant upon constraints.

Our Latest Projects

Our range of capabilities has allowed us to deliver civil engineering and construction projects for local government bodies and large private clients across the UK since 1986.