We’re a highly skilled team of civil engineering specialists with experience across many sectors.

Our team have worked on many engineering projects across the rail, highways and waterways sectors for private and local authority clients as well as maintaining an extensive knowledge of the skills required to undertake a range of heritage works.

Railway Infrastructure

Latest Railways Project

APB Group Ltd undertake work both directly for Network Rail and for regional framework contractors. The company also holds a Network Rail Principal Contractors License.

The range of civil engineering work carried out by the company is ideal for many aspects of rail infrastructure work and with a team of in-house PTS trained staff APB are perfectly suited to undertaking refurbishment and new build works within the rail environment.

Improvements to stations and depots involving construction of roads, access routes and hard standings in both concrete and tarmac. Drainage and culverts repairs, as well as bridge strengthening and replacement. Brickwork and stonework repairs to tunnels and bridges. APB have also undertaken works to embankments, including stabilisation, tree and vegetation clearance and construction of retaining walls and structures. APB have also recently finished the construction of a new train station at Warrington West including platform construction and surfacing, fencing, and stair and lift foundations.

Highway Infrastructure

Latest Highways Project

APB’s Civil Engineering services include highway maintenance and improvement schemes. We have worked on many highways projects from laying services and drainage in carriageways, to major refurbishment of large viaducts and installing a new lightweight FRP extension to the existing footway. We have NRSWA Street work trained staff who can undertake and manage the works.

Work within this sector includes embankments and cuttings, retaining walls and slope stabilization, pedestrian walkways and cycleways, drainage maintenance and repair, bridge repair and reconstruction, brickwork and stonework repairs.

Waterway Infrastructure

Latest Waterways Project

Working on behalf of the Canals and River Trust (previously British Waterways), APB have undertaken various projects to undertake reconstruction, new build and maintenance schemes to canals, rivers, lakes, watercourses, reservoirs and dams.

The range of work undertaken includes, bridge reconstructions and refurbishment, culverts and pipelines, cascades and spillways, tow path and footpath reconstruction, bridge replacement, slope stabilisation and retaining structures, weirs and trash screens, inlet and outlet structures, brickwork, stonework and in-situ concrete construction all through the use of work boats, pontoons and moveable dams.

Heritage Works

Latest Heritage Works Project

Having experience of working on behalf of the Canal and River Trust (previously British Waterways) for over 20 years, APB Group have undertaken various Heritage projects including reconstruction, refurbishment and Heritage maintenance schemes to canals, watercourses, reservoirs, locks and dams. Our team of highly skilled staff have extensive knowledge and experience of working on Heritage structures, including partially dismantling and re-building a bridge structure over a river using Heritage repair methods to re-point the original bridge masonry back into position.

Other National Trust Heritage structures have been refurbished over the years, including Grade 2 Listed bridges and buildings, as well as structures within Conservation areas. Listed status makes it illegal to damage or alter the structure in any way without written consent from the Local Authority. Like for like repairs require materials to be well matched, even using some of the traditional methods of Heritage repair, such as Hydraulic lime mortar, Heritage pointing tools, natural fibre mortar mixes and churn brushes. APB Group have also undertaken ‘hidden’ structural strengthening works to Heritage structures by coring through existing stone and masonry, installing new strengthening anchors and covering the repairs using part of the cored stonework, replaced using Heritage mortar.

APB Group have helped to maintain the UK’s waterway heritage by undertaking repair works within lock beds and to lock walls, including piling, grouting, installing puddle clay, re-building and re-pointing masonry walls, installing culvert and lock waterproof linings, as well as installing impact barriers to bridge structures and lock walls.

Local Authority

Latest Local Authority Project

We have undertaken work on behalf of many Local Authority bodies, including:

  • Lancashire County Council
  • Warrington Borough Council
  • South Gloucestershire Council
  • Stoke City Council
  • Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council
  • Aberdeenshire Council
  • Denbigshire County Council
  • Vale of Glamorgan County Council
  • Lincolinshire City Council
  • Camarthenshire County Council
  • Bridgend Council
  • Stafford Borough Council

The work scope for each Local Authority has been far-reaching, including installing a temporary river diversion, constructing a brand new railway station within a residential conurbation, bridge strengthening works, anchor repairs, structure maintenance and refurbishment, footbridge replacement, embankment stabilisation works, canal wharf drilling and grouting works, grit-blasting and painting works, piling works, retaining wall reconstruction, masonry repair works and bridge deck reconstruction, as well as a dual carriageway widening scheme to incorporate a new 105m long FRP footpath and cycleway over the River Frome.

Our Latest Projects

Our range of capabilities has allowed us to deliver civil engineering and construction projects for local government bodies and large private clients across the UK since 1986.